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Wholesale warehouse : Dzelzavas iela 127 Rīga

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The goods of known brands in assortment SIA DIPOL LATVIJA

Terms of cooperation

Operating conditions in the system 'DIPOL-ORDERS' - Electronic system goods orders

How to order

To make an order in our Internet portal is simple! The quickest and easiest way to make an order - is using our web site . There are different possibilities to order our products on our web site, with or without help of our business consultants. If you have any questions, please contact us: +371 29347292

Billing information

Payment is made according to the invoice. The payment terms are considered individually in each case. Contact us: +371 29347292

Supply conditions

For the convenience of our partners, we offer the delivery all over the territory of Latvia. Cost of delivery is included in the price of the products. Date of delivery specified in the schedule of deliveries. Contact us: +371 29347292.


Group of promotional offers, worked out for Dipol partners interest. Return policies are set for each product individually. View the Regular promotional offers you can by choosing the "Products" in the menu, then click on the "Promotions". In this section you can learn about your regular promotional offers, which are relevant at the time of your authorization. For questions please call: +371 29347292.

Hot Shares

WARNING! Goods purchased in the "HOT" Promotion are non-refundable! The discount on "HOT" Promotion – up to 50% off. "HOT" - this is our encouragement for customers who makes orders on our Internet portal HOT goods! Hot stocks can be bought only carrying out an order online on our website The number of products offered in the "HOT" Promotion is limited. When you see the words "Sold Out" in the place of the proposed product in the promotion - in that case we apologize, but this product with discount is ended and you have missed the opportunity to use our great offers. If you have any questions, please call: +371 29347292. E-mail us:


Conclusion of a contract ... Terms of payment ... Credit limit ... Registration and receipt of a password ... Please call +371 29347292. Or write an email: ,


Contact Information, Location


Address: Dzelzavas iela 127, Rīga, Latvija,
Phone: +371 29347292

Additional Information

For questions related with the conclusion of the contract for the supply of goods, please contact the DIPOL office manager . For questions related with the credit limit, please contact the DIPOL finance Department. For questions related with Payment, please contact DIPOL accounting department. For questions related with the work of Dipol-orders system, please contact our specialist. To get access to our system, you need to receive Your personal login and password, contacting us by e-mail.

Contact phone numbers

Orders system help: +371 29347292
Accounting department: +371 22324437
e-Mail to receive login and password: